Supporters of High Speed Rail to Rally at Union Station Friday

hsranaheim2.png Last week the California High-Speed Rail Authority voted to submit a grant application to the federal government, asking for $4.8 billion in stimulus money for a high speed rail line that would connect Los Angeles and San Francisco with a few hours trip. On Friday, that application will be submitted after few rallies across the state, including one in Los Angeles.

California High Speed Rail officials along with politicians and other supporters will speak at 9 a.m. in the Old Ticket Room at Union Station.

The federal government has set aside $8 billion grants available to states vying for high speed rail. California, which has been working on the 800-mile project for 13 years, is asking for more than half. Most of the $4.8 billion sought would go towards the construction of track within three regions.

The sections are San Francisco to San Jose, Merced to Bakersfield and Los Angeles to Anaheim, which could open in 2018. Once built, the routes would be useable as construction continues to link them for a complete system.

An additional $300 million being requested would go towards the completion of the environmental review and preliminary engineering work of the whole system.