Truck Stop: LA FuXion's Latin-Asian Eats

Diners: Watch your mouth! This food truck's name can sometimes get tangled, and make you say something naughty. LA FuXion (fusion, people, fusion) is one of the many Twittering food trucks who are putting their spin on four-wheeled street eats.

The people behind LA FuXion are "a team of Latino/Asian friends who grew up in America exposed to culturally infused dishes with different pallets of flavors and textures." They've drawn from their love of food and the notion of blending ingredients from their kitchens of influence, so what you'll get are foods that blend "Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Latin American herbs and spices."

Speaking of mouths, some of their tacos went into ours last week, when we found LA Fuxion among the many trucks parked on the 5700 block of Wilshire Boulevard during lunchtime.

Their menu offers an array of Asian flavors showcased in Latino preps, i.e. marinated meats meet tacos, burritos, and sauces.

We tried three items: XUNA (Tuna Sashimi in Tangy Japanese Sauce on Top of a FuXion Tostada, $3) which should have been called XMATO because there were about two tiny shreds of Tuna sashimi amongst the gleaming, creamy cubes of tomatoes; XOFU Taco with the red sauce (Grilled Tofu, prepared in Special Ginger & Garlic fusion Sauce, $2) which was tasty, but the tofu didn't seem to have much flavor soaked into it; and the XOGALBI Taco (Premium Short Rib, Marinated in Age-Old Korean recipe with Fusion Toppings) which was the tastiest of the bunch, but the green sauce didn't seem to have a presence, although the meat itself was well flavored, tender, and tasty. But if you want some heat, be sure to ask for it--this was definitely a milder meal than we'd anticipated.

Because this lunch was one eaten sidewalk-style we opted to skip some of their options that would do better being ported to an actual tabletop, like their tostadas and other salad-style items.

LA FuXion tends to hang out on Wilshire in the Miracle Mile area, especially during lunch and after area concerts. Use their "Where" button on their website to track them daily, or follow them on Twitter.