New Website Connects LA Councilmembers to Campaign Donors

maplight.png Los Angeles is in heavy need for watchdog websites like this. Now, thanks to MapLight Los Angeles, you can easily search campaign contributions to Los Angeles city politicians by date, industry and more. The information has always been available via the City Ethics Commission website, but MapLight parses out the data to be more easy-to-use and accessible. For example, City Attorney candidate has taken $8,500 from the Outdoor advertising services industry—you know, billboards and supergraphics—while Carmen Trutanich has taken $1,500. “Special interests would not be spending millions to fund politicians' election campaigns unless they wanted something in return,” said Daniel Newman,’s executive director, in a media release. “ Los Angeles shines a much-needed light on the river of money that flows through the second largest city’s government so citizens can make informed decisions at the polls, and hold elected officials accountable when in office.”