Recession Obsession: Tacomiendo's Meaty Tacos

Recession Obsession: Tacomiendo's Meaty Tacos by Caleb Bacon
Tacomiendo | West LA | Photo by Caleb Bacon for LAist

The Official Recession has enveloped us for sixteen official months. It’s still no reason we can’t enjoy life. This is LA — we have a ton of inexpensive options! A Recession Obsession is truly fantastic, regardless of whether times are good or you've recently been downsized. We last obsessed over Phillippe's old school french dip sandwiches, and some ramen on the West Side. Today, we obsess...

The dirty little secret about our city’s taco trucks is that they ruin brick-and-mortar eateries.

Bursting with flavor and personality, tacos at SoCal taco trucks run about $1-$1.25/each. That makes eating a $2-$3 taco indoors pain one's brain and wallet slightly. That is, unless something adds to the value and stretches your dollar.

West LA's Tacomiendo found a way to pack value into their $2-$3/each tacos. But, unfortunately, it's not with titillating entertainment (they don't serve silicone on the side — though if anyone knows a place that offers such fare please write LAist asap,) it's with quantity. That's why they're LAist's latest Recession Obsession.

The Answer

Tacomiendo's tacos are thick and full of meat. They're Goliath to the taco truck's David (though I'm not sure who will win in the end.) Their cooked-just-right meat is as flavorful as plentiful. In this Official Recession spending an extra dollar here is worth your while.

The rest of the menu at Tacomiendo is more than acceptable when it comes to quality and price. If you're a purist you might cringe at Tacomiendo's smoothie options (we are in LA, Puristas.) I suggest the tacos. I found the pollo and carnitas tacos make me want to come back the next day. So I did. I didn't even need to stop at the ATM first.

Tacomiendo West LA | 11462 Gateway Blvd @ Pico, Los Angeles 90064 | (310) 481-0804

Where do you get your thick, meaty tacos? Comment below!