Follow Joe Talamo as he Twitters his way to the Kentucky Derby

19 year-old Jockey Joe Talamo Playa Del Ray resident Joe Talamo is not your average 19 year old. The guy's already earned $4 million in purse money as one of horse racing's hot young stars, he's been featured on a reality television series, Animal Planet's Jockeys and in all likelihood is on his way to one of the biggest events in sports - The Kentucky Derby.

Just like most kids his age, however, Talamo has found some time to tell the world what he's doing in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Joe, who will be riding contender "I Want Revenge," is counting down the days until the derby with updates like these:

  • "30 til derby: Am at Santa Anita. Worked out 3 horses this morning…Right Round by Flo Rida is my song of the day. Big month ahead,"
  • "30 til derby: just got home from dinner at the ivy and tim's show. great night! going to bed. gotta wake up early"
  • "29 til derby: Working a couple more horses after the break. Then filming a scene at Clocker's Corner for Jockeys. LA Times interview at 10."

Dinners at the Ivy, interviews with the LA Times, scenes for a reality show — updates like these will make you forget that he's only 19 years-old. Joe's fondness for Flo Rida, however, is a different story.

Photo taken from Joe Talamo's Twitter page.