Day Tripping: A Quick Jaunt to Catalina Island

On a whim, we decided to check out Catalina Island's city of Avalon one afternoon this past weekend. It was a first for us (okay, for me) and upon returning to the mainland and talking to others, we found that Angelenos really don't take advantage of the resort island and all that it has to offer including hiking, bed and breakfasts, seeing historical sites (hey, the Cubs did spring training here back in the day!), parasaiing, scuba diving, whale watching, beach going, relaxation, etc. In fact, many natives to Southern California we spoke to admitted they had never been to the 76 square mile sized island.

It's like a staycation (tip, it's currently off season right now), except with the added expense ($65 roundtrip) for a one hour, 22-mile boat ride from the port areas of Los Angeles and Long Beach (a little more from Marina Del Rey). We enjoyed our short afternoon there and are looking forward to exploring and sharing the island—especially the outdoors aspect-more in depth at a future point.