TV Junkie: We Ask Amy Sedaris About Her Cameo On Tonight's 'The Closer' on TNT

Amy Sedaris We love Amy Sedaris and we love the fact that we can see her on something other than just a few minutes with David Letterman - this time as a somewhat wacky psychic on "The Closer" tonight @ 9:00pm on TNT.

We jumped at the chance to ask Amy Sedaris a few questions:

LAist: So you've done a lot of work with Comedy Central, and you've done this piece with TNT for "The Closer." Can you tell us about some differences you may have noticed between working for these cable-based programs versus something on one of the larger networks?

Amy Sedaris: Well, the last larger network thing I did was when I did the Jack Spade show. And they were really loose and fun and that set, so that was my big experience working for a network show.

And then working on TNT and you know Comedy Central, they kind have the same vibe, like you didn't really get a sense of a lot of grownups were around, but I'm sure they were around. But I didn't feel any kind of weird pressure or shadows on the set. You know everyone got along and the director was up for input as well as you know the crew and the cast. So there's a lot of communication going on. It just seemed like a very - like everyone trusted each other. So it was all a good experience, but there wasn't a major difference.

So what we've seen is you've been the harbinger or the leader in the cupcake craze and crafts. What else are you going to be the pioneer of?

Amy Sedaris: The pioneer of - well, I'm working on a craft book right now. And I haven't made cupcakes since the summer. I might - I'm thinking about getting out of the cupcake business just because they're everywhere and they're very - they can get pricey to make just for the butter, and the eggs, and the milk, and all that. And then you get cockroaches. And I'm in the process of moving. So I might just not want to get into that and bring cockroaches into my new place.

So I'm just going to keep venturing in the same you know just maybe focus a little bit more on craft projects right now than cooking projects.

"The Closer" airs at 9:00pm on TNT on Mondays. We'd like to thank Turner for providing bloggers access for these kind of interviews.

Listen to the interview here:

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