Your Favorite Restaurant Could Have Vermin On The Menu, Says LA Public Health

Your Favorite Restaurant Has Vermin On The Menu, Says LA Public Health by Caleb Bacon
A Vermin-Free Meal, Proved By The "B" | Photo by Caleb Bacon for LAist

When my friend’s from Back East visit Los Angeles I like to take them to the San Gabriel Valley for an authentic Chinese meal. They typically note the lone 12” letter featured on the restaurant door and conclude “C is for Chinese.”

I explain that the LA County Department of Public Health dishes out letter grades based upon health inspection performance, and that their great website puts you a few clicks away from the skinny on your favorite restaurants and markets.

Thanks to our progressive Department of Public Health you can decide that a 70% rating (a C) doesn't mean the glass is more than half full. It means you're dining elsewhere.

Food Facility Ratings

Read restaurant's letter grades here. An "A" grade is 90-100. "B" is 80-89. "C" is 70-79. (Read about 69 and under below.) That means even an A could feature some flaw. You can read detailed inspection reports online and find out why the nicest joint in Beverly Hills is fallable.

Food Facility Closure List

The motto echoed my Senior year of college was "D's to graduate." Fortunately, the Department of Public Health doesn't agree. Grades below C (69 points,) don't earn a letter. Instead their doors get closed and bolted. Read who was closed, when and why. A yummy example --


* Date Closed: October 21, 2008
* Date Reopened: October 23, 2008
* Reason for Closure:
Vermin Harborage
Vermin infestation

I Want To Report...

If you want to report a health concern at any local food establishment you can easily do so.

Voluntary Artificial Trans Fat Reduction Program

Trans fats are gross. Find out which restaurant’s are in the voluntary ATFR Program.