The Best of the UCLA Undie Run: 2006-2008

Last night's Undie Run was definitely different than years past. After UCLA administrators threatened to ban the event from occurring, the student body stepped in and found a compromise: change the route to end at a more secure and well-lit location. Whether that contributed to last night's lower turnout—around 1,000 students instead of the usual 2,000-3,000—or not, the tradition's flavor has definitely changed. However, for better or worse, those who ran had a blast.

Although the Undie Run has been around since 2002 (in lieu of the Midnight Yell), major media outlets really didn't start to catch on until a few years ago. Last night, ESPN, NBC, FOX News and four LA Times staffers (Adam Rose produced a great video for them) were seen at the event. LAist has covered the event since 2006 so here is some of last night mixed up with the best of since '06: