Classical Music Radio Station Tops KCRW?

kusc-kcrw.jpgHere's a fact that surprised us: "The latest Arbitron ratings rank [KUSC] as the most listened-to public radio station in Southern California, ahead of public radio powerhouses KPCC and KCRW." So says USC themselves.

However, KCRW has extended its reach beyond the immediate Los Angeles area to include many other cities including Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. And beyond that with its aggressive internet expansion. KCRW says their non-commercial broadcast signal reaches 550,000 listeners weekly and is supported by 55,000 member/subscribers. KUSC has 33,000 members with a $6 million annual budget. In the end, nevermind about who has the bigger package, we're just glad public radio, classical or "eclectic," is doing so (relatively) well.