I Went to Radiohead & All I Got Were These Cuts & Bruises

After Monday night's Radiohead concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Sean Carlson and a friend were passing out flyers for this weekend's F Yeah Fest while their friend Michael Reich of Videothing.com was filming them for a documentary. An incident with the venue's contract security firm and another patron happened to occur in front of them and security didn't like that it was being filmed ("'What the fuck do you think you're filming?' and grabbed at the camera," said an eyewitness of a security guard from the company CSC).

Story told short (like we did yesterday), after Sean was pushed to the ground by a security guard, they decided to get out of there. But before they could get too far, a foot chase ensued because the security guards allegedly said "that shit's going to be on YouTube. We gotta get that tape."

Needless to say, after running through the streets, over and around car hoods, the boys got a bit roughed up, as told thoroughly in LA Weekly. In the end, Reich says security got the tape and hasn't seen it since.

Above are some photos of Sean's injuries. It could have been worse, but still, who deserves this after one of the best bands in the world?