Flip Flops: Deadlier Than An Asbestos Martini?

FlipFlopsStripes.jpgAn article in the OC Register today by former Wave newspaper editor Curt Seeden today takes a quick and humorous look at the recent revelation that flip flops are bad for your health. In fact, the shoes formerly known as thongs "can cause arch, ankle, hip and back injuries as well as cancer, migraines, herpes and warts." Seeden explains that the findings came from a scientific study that determined the "flip-flops cause the muscles in the top and bottom of your feet to work against each other, resulting in immediate death." Okay, maybe not immediate death, but most definitely physical strain. So are those shoes many of us men, women, and children in Los Angeles love almost year-'round really "more dangerous than an asbestos martini?" Should we all throw our flip-flops out, or caution to the wind?