Lick This: It's National Ice Cream Month!

JulyIsNationalIceCreamMonth.jpgWhat's that sound? Could it be the ubiquitous tinkling tones of the neighborhood ice cream truck? (Or in some cases, Satan's Ice Cream Truck...) Go ahead, you know you want to get one. And why not? It's National Ice Cream Month! Or, if you're one to concentrate your efforts, save all your love for the weekend, because this Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. So really, you have no excuse.

But you might have a problem. In the past few years, ice cream's bastard step-child has taken over not only our palates, but our way of life. Yes, kids, we're talking about frozen yogurt, or, if you want to sound kind of like an asshole, "fro-yo." Pinkberry, Ce Fiore, Red Mango, Yogurtland...the list is endless. It was one thing to eschew ice cream's full-fat fabulousness a couple of years back for gelato, but now we've all but forgotten the big daddy of summertime desserts. So please, citizens of Los Angeles, go back to your roots, and remember from whence the cone came. Get thee to your favorite ice cream shop (they exist!) and re-pledge your allegiance to the scoop—not the swirl!

Need help finding some ice cream? May we suggest: Bennett's at the Farmer's Market, Disney's Soda Fountain (for a kick-ass ice cream sandwich), Fosselman's, Grand Central Market, or Mashti Malone's. (And, shh, we won't mind if you bend the rules and hit up Scoops for some of their out-of-this-world gelato.) And don't forget to snap a pic of your ice creamy treat before it melts...and send it to our LAist Featured Photos pool; we're always looking for some good Eye Nosh...

Photo of mint-chip ice cream at Fosselman's by Lindsay William-Ross/LAist