Hollywood's Newest Roof-Top Half-Pipe

Burton's getting a half-pipe
Burton LA on Melrose | Photo by Anti/LAist

Burton Snowboards loves skateboarding so much that buying Alien Workshop wasn't enough to satisfy their thirst. So they started this big fat half-pipe on their roof this monday and construction will be finished by Wednesday night.

This isn't a skate-park, and access to the ramp will be limited to who-ever the skate manager says can skate it. (Does he take bribes?) For the most part they intend on having Burton employees and Burton's pro skateboarders doing their thing on it.

Check it out, bring your camera, and maybe you can talk your way onto the ramp. Or while you're there, pick up some summer gear, like the plethora of bags they sell.

This week it's a new half-pipe, next week is the Maloof Money Cup... Skateboarders in So Cal should be feeling pretty stoked right now.

Burton LA is located at 8175 Melrose Avenue. Stay tuned to LAist later this week for a Half-pipe photo essay!