TV Junkie: 'Lost' Finale

Oceanic Airlines
The big story of the night is the season finale of "Lost". The problem for "Lost"-haters, and they do exist, is that there are very few other options this evening. Programming on ABC is dominated by 3 hours of "Lost" and the other majors are throwing just program repeats or reality contests at it.

The NY Times reports that TiVo shamed market analysts by turning a nice profit last quarter instead of a forecast loss. It wasn't long ago that TiVo was decried for potentially fatal mistakes but now that they've cut costs and enforced a couple of contested patents they may have secured an income stream to protect/expand a market share against DVRs offered by the cable and satellite companies.

In other news, KNBC/LX.TV is looking for a new host for "1st Look L.A.", the guide to food, nightlife, art, and everything L.A. KNBC started accepting audition submissions a couple weeks ago will continue to accept video clips until June 14th. Get the details HERE

8:30pm Last Comic Standing NBC - New Time. Oscar and Angela from "The Office" are the celebrity judges at the Los Angeles auditions.

8-11:00pm 911: The Bronx DISCOVERY - Mini marathon of new episodes.

9:00pm Lost ABC - Two-hour Season Finale. Starts an hour early tonight. TV Junkie Pick O' The Night.