A Basic Guide to Los Angeles Taco Truck Food

Tomorrow night, after the May Day rallies, is Taco Night, as declared by the organizers at SaveOurTacoTrucks.org, a petition and effort to raise awareness about an LA County law going in effect on May 15th that will harshen penalties placed on taco trucks who sit in the same spot for over an hour in unincorporated areas such as East LA.

So who better to go explore taco truck food with than the two behind the movement, Aaron Sonderleiter and Chris Rutherford. This guide is basic and meant to only begin the conversation on what to order at a taco truck. Below are some basics and some more exotic meals you can get (even two veggie friendly options). In the comments section, add what you get at a taco truck and where (example, we didn't even begin to hit fish and other seafood taco trucks).