Robber Snatches Rubber Snatch

An OC robber has snatched a replica of Jenna Jameson's naughty bits from a sex toy storeMove over, Michael Jackson. An Orange County man has redefined the meaning of "crotch grabber."

In the early morning hours of April 15th a suspect broke into Fullerton's Erogenous Zone, and helped himself not to the till, but to a rubber replica of porn actress Jenna Jameson's own erogenous zones worth $250. (Unlike Ms. Jameson, however, the item is described as "Open-ended for easy cleaning." Whatta woman!)

Determined to get his piece of Jenna, video surveillance from the retailer shows the man repeatedly tossing a rock at the glass door, then finally finding success shattering the display window with his adapted weapon and heading inside.

According to the OC Register, the thief encountered a similar frustration when he's faced with an unyielding till: "Video shows him try to break into the store's cash register, but it wouldn't open for him" but, perhaps remembering that if you take things just a little to the left or right you can hit the jackpot, "he looks around, and makes his selection – a Jenna Jameson body double made of Ultra Realistic skin – and walks out of the store." SCORE!

Fullerton Police are interested in anyone with information regarding the burglar--besides the fact that he is probably broke and horny. LAist would like to remind the police, however, that it's always a good idea to wear gloves when retrieving stolen property.

Photo of a pre-wedding bachelor showing wax Jenna some love in Vegas by allygirl520 via Flickr