Video of the Day: Improv Everywhere Pranks Hermosa Beach Little League Game — How Cute

For the second time this year, Improv Everywhere releases a video of them pranking the Los Angeles area — this time they go out to a random little league game in Hermosa Beach acting like it's the Major Leagues with a NBC sports broadcase, the Good Year blimp and hardcore fans who knew the players' names along with made up nicknames (TNT!). They even went as far as holding a press conference afterwards (video below). Last month, Improv Everywhere hit the Baldwin Hills Mall with a Food Court Musical.

Could Improv Everywhere's mastermind Charlie Todd be building buzz for a possible TV show? In a 2005 interview he told Gothamist that he was working with some TV producers on a pitch. "It would definitely be fun to do our thing for a wider audience."

Whatever it is, Los Angeles welcomes the fun and hopes there's more to come, TV or not.

ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.