Citrus Sunday: 20,000 Lbs. of Fruit

Yesterday, hundreds of Valley residents headed towards their front and backyard lawns, picking orange and grapefruit trees, lemon bushes and other juicy fruits in name of one of the largest single-day community food donation drives in the city. Around 20,000 pounds of citrus was gathered at Citrus Sunday, a project run by Councilman Greig Smith who represents the 12th district. Residents drop off the fruit to various Valley fire stations and it all ends up with the Valley Interfaith Council (VIC), who serve 80,000 people (not just meals, but individuals) a month. The amazing thing is, without Citrus Sunday, all the fruit may have just gone to waste. If you have fruit ready to be picked off your tree, VIC has food pantries around the Valley where you can drop it off (we recommend you call first). As for the fruit, all of it is being distributed to low-income families this week starting today.