Extra, Extra: Bombs, Away!

2351751144_affdd2732a.jpgMusic Center fountain, by ellwoodite via LAist Featured Photos Pool on Flickr

  • A bomb scare closed the short-term parking structure at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank this morning after a small suitcase was found without its owner, according to officials at the airport. The suitcase was detonated by the bomb squad and the parking lot re-opened after being closed for an hour.
  • An inert World War II-era grenade left on top of a vehicle parked in front of a bar in Santa Fe Springs prompted sheriff's deputies to evacuate the area Saturday and call for a bomb squad, NBC is reporting. What the hell is wrong with people today?
  • If you heard screams around 4 p.m. today it might have been some angry NCAA Tournament watchers. With 44 seconds left, and a six point differential between #6 Purdue and #3 Xavier, CBS cut away to the beginning of the #1 Kansas vs. #8 UNLV game. Inexplicably, they returned to the Purdue game with 10.5 remaining, further stoking the flames of CBS discontent.
  • Your car wash might be dirty, according to an LA Times investigation that found half or more of Southern California's car washes pay their workers below minimum wage, plunging some workers into even deeper poverty. I wanter if Snoop was also underpaid when he worked at a car wash.
  • Why was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so angry when he played basketball? Apparently the former UCLA great was asked that repeatedly by white people and never by blacks. Whites may have interpreted his speaking out against racial injustices during the 60's as anger, but we all know how he felt when Jimmy asked him about being lazy in Airplane!.
  • Kathleen Soliah aka, Sarah Jane Olson aka, former Symbionese Liberation Army commando who did six years for blowing up LAPD patrol cars was re-arrested today after she was apparently released a year early. The corrections department blamed it on a "computational error," but her lawyers are calling bullshit, saying they got a letter that assured them Soliah would be paroled March 17.
  • Tomorrow's Easter may in fact be "the earliest Easter any of us ever has or ever will see. The next time the holiday will arrive this early in the year will be in 2228." Thank God I, as a Jew, don't have to worry about holidays that have rotating dates.