Meet LAPD's Newest Unofficial Spokesman to the World

One commenter on Digg asked "Was that jesus?" | Filmed by Zach Behrens/LAist

At last Saturday's Anonymous protest in Hollywood, LAist took this above video. Before we could even got a chance to post it on LAist late Saturday afternoon, it had already been found on YouTube and dugg on, garnering over 12,000 diggs under an appropriately written headline, "This is how police SHOULD react to protesters."

It has not even been 48 hours since this 20-second video was taken and well over a quarter million people have watched it. What's amazing is that this video of an LAPD officer is not negative, such as previous ones portraying citizens and reporters being shot at by rubber bullets, but this is of a positive nature and viewers have reacted as such. Of the over 2,000 comments left on the YouTube clip and on Digg, many commended the officer and asked who he was so they could write a thank-you letter to him and to write LAPD Chief Bratton asking the top cop to "give that man a promotion."

Savvy people did the research and found out who he is and his profile has already received over 24,000 hits. If you see him on the streets, say hello and thank him for his good words and positive leadership. His name is Sergeant Wayne Guillary.