Blonde Ambition

New mural of Madonna and Britney Spears making out, found in Los Angeles I Photo by Osmany Rodriguez for LAist>

Remember that one time Madonna and Britney Spears made out in front of millions of people, and more importantly Brit's ex Justin Timberlake. Before the new Tila Tequila MTV where girl-on-girl kissing is encouraged, preferably in front of parents.

Best appreciated going north on LaBrea I Photo by Osmany Rodriguez for LAist>

M-BW remembers as well, and if you go North of the 10 on LaBrea you'll recall the good ol' days. Gone is Marion Cotillard and her Oscar, replaced by Queen of Pop and the Queen of Breakdowns. The perfect place for this piece of Op Art is in the middle of the street, excuse me for trying to conserve my life and getting so-so pics.

Jump on the wayback machine and see Xtina's kiss dissed by the show's Director. "Cut to JT, CUT TO JT!". Extra hotness provided by some lady speaking in Portuguese.

Remember Moona Lisa? Same place.

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