Improv Everywhere Finds Itself in LA: Food Court Musical

We always hear about Improv Everywhere pulling crazy stunts off in New York City, like five-minutes of frozen time at Grand Central or no-pants on the subway. Well, after a small improvised pillow fight at the Glendale mall (video below), the new LA Chapter of the collaborative pulled off their first major mission: a spontaneous musical at Baldwin Hills Mall, starting off with the Hot Dog On A Stick girl.

Eventually a cast of 16 joins her including the janitor who began clearing tables a half hour before and a security guard who entered in saying "What the hell is going on here?" before breaking into song.

The original song was written by writers of the hit Off-Broadway show, Gutenberg! The Musical! especially for this occasion, but the lyrics had to change to fit Hot Dog On A Stick's staple lemonade (originally it was diet soda).

If you want to participate in some planned events that may seem improvised in nature to the viewing public, a week from this Friday and Saturday, there's some Mobile Clubbing going on in Hollywood and a huge Pillow Fight downtown.