Was This What She Was Smiling About????

mona lisa, mona lisa! graffiti by nick walker

The title of this article was going to be Moona Lisa. Then I realized I'm not actually 8, but 28. There I am, jumping next to the latest mural by Nick Walker. (Why am I jumping? Check out the Whiskerino Project, but beware: you might be blown away by sexiness. Unless you don't like beards.) This Banksy-esque lady can be found on La Brea, past Edgewood (see map below). Walker is one of four artists pasting and painting all over the city, who always include a link to a website named itsawonderful-world.com.

The site still hasn't gone live. All you'll see is a blitzkrieg graffiti session on a subway. I could be wrong but it seems too complex to not have been authorized. Then again I am writing this while knocked out on Sudafed and Airborne. Things don't always seem as they should.

Below the jump is another awesome mural, this one of Miles Davis by artist M-BW. It sits atop Melrose Ave., across from Urban Outfitters. Of the four artists M-BW seems to be the most prolific. His new series of posters has celebrity faces decked out in sunglasses, his trademark — you've probably seen them all over the city.


On a sad note the There Will Be Blood billboard has now been taken down, replaced by a graffiti-free sign. Hopefully PTA pulled a Murakami and got it sent to him.

Map to Mona Lisa

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Map to Miles Davis

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