Bansky, Banksy, Are You Out There?

new banksy near the new beverly

LAist contributer Osmany Rodriguez found a few fresh new Banksy paintings near the New Beverly Cinema. As you may already know, Banksy is the elusive guerrilla street artist responsible for some of the most interesting art in the city (not to mention the entire world). He's a trickster figure who never shows his face, but joined Steve Jones in the Indie 103.1 studios earlier this week (that's how we know he's been in L.A. recently).

We're pretty positive that the picture above is a Banksy original...but check out the shots below the jump, which are in Banksy's style but might be the work of another artist (maybe Nick Walker?). They were all found within a few blocks of each other — so either Banksy got busy, or he's working with a crew. The mind boggles!

The Wooster Collective saw it too — wonder what they think of the others? (No...not the Wooster Group doing Hamlet at REDCAT you silly geese!).




Where to find the new works and take a closer look for yourself:

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