Photo Essay: Tough Cookies Topple Fight Crew at LA Derby Dolls' Season Opener

tough cookies la Venus d'Maulr derby dolls sweet_victory.jpg
The Tough Cookies' Venus d'Maulr / All photos by Kelly C. Gallamore for LAist

While much of LA stayed home watching movies Saturday night, the real action was in Historic Filipinotown, where a sold out crowd of 2,000+ ventured out into a meteorological maelstrom to watch the L.A. Derby Dolls season-opening bout.

fighty almighy for the fight crew, and venus d'maulr on her ass derby dolls laThe Tough Cookies dominated each quarter to knock off the Fight Crew 35-28 in the new Doll Factory, a converted 30,000 sq. ft. former ice cream cone factory, which is far more spacious and comfortable than the former Doll House in Little Tokyo.

Banked track roller derby is fast and recklessly exciting, with each jam lasting only 60 seconds. Both sides dealt some heavy blows resulting in minor injuries but The Tough Cookies held on despite the ejection of speedy jammer Gori Spelling in the 4th quarter.

There are more local Derby Dolls events to come this Spring season, the next on Feb. 16. More info at the Derby Dolls' website.

l.a. derby dolls ready position
Five players from each team enter the track line up for a 60-second jam -- four blockers and one jammer. The whistle blows and the group of blockers start skating. The jammers begin after a second whistle. To score, a jammer must skate through the group of blockers, go all the way around the track and catch up to the group again. For every opposing blocker they pass after that, an additional point is gained.

VIDEO: Watch one of the more physical jams of the night with one serious hit near the end

break balls lucy lick derby dolls
(l): Lucy Ballbreaker's got a fan club. (r:)Tough Cookies' Titty Titty Bang Bang and Sniperella lock up.

roller derby fight club tough cookies
Crystal Deth and Fight Crew never relented but Kelly Kaboom and the Tough Cookies skated away to victory.

la derby dolls kelly kaboom
Kelly Kaboom celebrates the Tough Cookies decisive victory.

Gori Spelling takes a breather between jams.

Apocalyptica goes down hard.

There is a chiropractor and an EMT on hand at each event and a team of enforcers who threaten to punch each other in the face when not calling out penalties.

derby dolls la Cagey Bea and Hannah Grenade enforcers
Enforcers Cagey Bea and Hannah Grenade face off.

tough_cookies team photo la derby dolls
The victorious Tough Cookies.

All photos by Kelly C. Gallamore for LAist