Wet Road + Rear-Wheel Drive = Sad Beemer

cheviot hills crash lightpostDeborah Stokol sent us photos and her eyewitness account of a BMW so moved by the wet surface of Manning Av. in Cheviot Hills that it took out the sign post. Only the Beemer was hurt:

A woman lost control of her vehicle while driving on the rain slicked roads of Cheviot Hills Thursday 3:30 p.m. and plowed straight into a street sign, causing it to collapse in full onto her car, her husband Verapsong Chitaphony reported.

Two police cars taped off the Manning Ave. site of altercation, and an ambulance carried a stunned though uninjured Diane Chitaphony to a nearby hospital.

The reason she slammed into the sign is not yet known, but the road had just seen a downpour and was still soaked and slippery at the time of the accident.

More photos after the jump.

bmw cheviot hills crash lightpost
one sad Beemer

bmw cheviot hills crash lightpost

All photos by Deborah Stokol for LAist