Ike Turner: Coke is it

Ike Turner died of a Cocaine overdose

R&B singer Ike Turner, who some consider a father of rock-n-roll, did not go gently into that good night when he died at his home near San Diego in December. In fact, the 76-year-old was high, high, high on cocaine.

The coroner reports that he died of "cocaine toxicity." And while it's sad when anyone dies of drug use — because generally, we figure nobody starts partying with the idea that it's going to kill them — in this case, we feel a bit like celebrating.

The man was 76 YEARS OLD. He was born in 1931 - the same year as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Anne Bancroft, Sir Ian Holm, Philip Baker Hall, Senator Alan Simpson, John LeCarre, George Jones, Angie Dickinson - can you see any of these people snorting cocaine?

(OK, maybe the last two).

Obviously Ike had more than just a little bump — who knows what amount of cocaine it took to get Ike to toxic levels. And surely, the man should never be forgiven for beating up Tina and breaking her nose.

But still, the man was five years older than John McCain, who people worry is too old to be president. Ike Turner — a septuagenarian — died doing blow, partying like it was 1999.

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