LAist Answers LA Travel Questions for Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

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Frommer's website for the Budget Travel magazine has an interesting, on-going feature where they ask "experts" from around the country to answer questions sent in from their readers in a chat. The experts have one hour to answer as many questions as they can. Afterwards the site adds links, corrects spelling (omg thank you!), adds a pretty picture, and puts it on their site.

This morning yours truly was the special guest and the questions were quite interesting. I was pretty amazed at how curious out-of-towners are in regards to using public transportation instead of renting a car. Has our famous gridlock scared people away from driving when they visit us? While this might be nice for us (one less car on the road, particularly driven by a clueless tourist is much appreciated) but when you have guests do you tell them what bus to take to get to where they wanna go?

Anyways here was my favorite question and answer because I betcha this happens to a lot of people - they end up staying at those hotels on Century for several days and wish they hadn't.

Q: Will be at the LAX Marriott for 3 days in April. I don't drive. Any suggestions for what two seniors can do?

A: This might come across as snarky. But if you're here for 3 days and you don't drive, please relocate to Santa Monica. The hotels aren't as cheap as at LAX, but there is nowhere to walk to for seniors near that location. Spend a few extra dollars and actually Enjoy your stay here. Get away from that airport. Those hotels are meant for one-night layovers for business travelers, not people who will be here for multiple nights who don't drive. If a travel agent booked that for you, call them up and ask, "why do you hate me?"

Read the whole thing on the This Just In column on Budget Travel.

photo by Kid Paparazzi via flickr