Alicia Keys Performs "Go Ahead" @ WGA Strike, 11/20/07

At 1:15pm today on Hollywood Blvd. it was hot.

At 1:20pm when Alicia Keys got on the small stage on the back of a truck and performed "Go Ahead", one of the best new tracks from her latest cd As I Am, it got much hotter.

We had to take off our jacket.

Lucky for you we had a pretty decent spot in the photo pit and we shot this video for you because we love you, and we're thankful for your loyalty to this site.

We also did it because we support the writers and their strike, and we loved today's march. After the jump a few more pics of Alicia cuz she's easy on the eyes.

Update: Alicia doing "No One" at the rally here.

Alicia Keys Performs
Alicia Keys Performs
Alicia Keys Performs

photos and video by Tony Pierce / LAist