My Favorite Beverly Hills Home

I first saw this house in 1986. Whenever I'm in the area, I take a quick detour down a side alley to check it out. It has gradually evolved, with a new mosaic or glass feature appearing each time I drive by. I saw a guy working up on the roof about six months ago, and he seemed too young to have been working on the house for 20 years. Maybe it is a family project. When I parked in the alley to take these pictures, a neighbor asked me if I had ever asked them if I could look inside. I asked whether he ever asked for a tour himself, and he hadn't. I'm always afraid they will call the police on me for loitering or stalking, so the last thing I ever considered was going right up and knocking on their door. Plus, I kind of prefer not knowing. Some things in life should just be left a mystery. It keeps a little hint of magic in the world.

(All photos by Elise Thompson for LAist)