50 Foot Sinkhole in La Jolla Swallows One Home

la jolla sinkhole

A bigass hole in the street in a posh neighborhood in La Jolla has victimized one home and forced families from four other homes to evacuate.

Power lines fell, and at least four homes were evacuated. Gas and power supplies are shut off.

A San Diego police department spokesman says at least seven other homes are in danger of being damaged. There are other million-dollar homes at the bottom of the hill.

The sinkhole in the La Jolla neighborhood is cut in a cone shape and is about 50 yards long.

City attorney Michael Aguirre told a news conference that leakage from water pipes has been ongoing for sometime. - AP

First Morrissey's shows and now San Diego? Wait a damn second: The Terrorists Are Striking Us Through Water Pipes!

stills from video via CBS2