The Swerve Festival: Day One with Photos

Ed Templeton Pinwheel at the Swerve Festival
Photos by Bobby S. for LAist

Yesterday, a friend and I went over to the Swerve Festival, Hollywood's newest arts festival. I ended up getting there pretty early so I was able to wander around pretty easily. Honestly the whole thing was still being put together, and people were dashing around frantically.

Overall the festival was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. You walk up and there's a (sharpie) tattoo parlor, there's a screenprinting booth giving away free t-shirts. The designs were pretty rad as well, so that was cool. There were booths to play video games, an "exhibit" of pinwheels with artists designs on them. Those turned out to be lame, and many of them were already broken.

My favorite part was being able to see Beautiful Losers, the movie by Aaron Rose that chronicled how the people in the original Beautiful Losers show all came together. I laughed a lot at Mike Mills' parts, and when Harmony Korine was telling a story about his friend Samuel, who had his head cut off and left in a kids park.
And I also was on the verge of tears when they talked about Margaret Kilgallen. She was an amazing artist, and gave her life up in order for her child to come into this world.

So if you're bored today, go check it out. There's a secret show at 2:15, Oh No! Oh My! is playing at 3:30, and the movie 'Art In Action' is playing at 4:00. There's also the Anton Corbjin movie 'Control' playing at the Vista tonight at 6:00, but the tickets are $20 a piece and they're probably all sold out.

Also be sure to check out under the cut for a ton of pictures!

Field of Pinwheels at the Swerve Festival

Terry Richardson Pinwheel at the Swerve Festival

Mural by Sage Vaughn at the Swerve Festival

Chris Pastras Mural at the Swerve Festival

Jesse Spears Mural at the Swerve Festival

List of Artists on the Listening Trees

Mika Miko on the Listening Tree

A Girl At One of the Listening Trees

The Extra Painful Tattoo Booth

A Girl Getting An Extra Painful Tattoo

The Screenprinting Area at the Swerve Festival

The Screenprinter In Action!

People Posing for the Automatic Photobooth

A Girl Playing Tony Hawk

The view from the Swerve Festival