Phil Spector jury deadlocks!


The Phil Spector jury, after 6 ballots, concludes that they are deadlocked at 10 and 2. Spector watched, leaning back, chin down, eyes fixed and unblinking. Mistrial for Phil!

Once again, a celebrity gets into hot water and walks away relatively unscathed. Lana Clarkson — pictured here, in an early appearances as a trophy wife in Fast Times at Ridgemont High — didn't walk away at all. Her last minutes were spent in Phil Spector's foyer, where she took a bullet to the brain.

Phil, he gets a 27-year old wife, a couple of big bodyguards, a tacky license plate, a little media circus on his block, and all the crazy hairstyles a man could want.

That is, until a civil trial comes for him. And maybe the district attorney, again.

Phil Spector theme song for the day? "Unchained Melody," of course.