LA City Nerd Asks You...

Guest Day Editor LA City Nerd will be joining LAist with a few posts throughout the day. Read the introductory interview here and check out the nerd's blog.

A t-shirt that says As the LA City Nerd, we have to consult many sources to stay up on the latest news and issues facing the City. Besides reviewing the Council File Index regularly, we have to also consult websites to stay up on the latest issues facing the City or neighborhoods therein. So, the following are the top ten essential LA City Nerd blogs (in no particular order):

LA Observed
LAist (of course)
Metroblogging LA
Mayor Sam (with the posts by Mayor Sam himself being the relevant ones)
Franklin Avenue
View from a Loft
Curbed LA
CD13 Blog

Those are my top ten that capture the essence of the City based on the blogs that are out there. So what do you think is missing or should be replaced?

Photo by Brett L. via Flickr