The Secret Life of Cows


Normally, I don't get all that revved up about art gallery openings that are splashed across the front page of the LA Times' Calender section - it's virtually a guarantee that the place will be packed with people and run out of booze in an hour, but I made an exception for Glen Wexler's show "The Secret Life of Cows" at Track 16 Gallery, because I think cows are funny as hell and I'm a sucker for anything that I think is going to make me laugh.

I certainly wasn't disappointed - the large colorful photos are hilarious (maybe it's just me) and the ones that really cracked me up were the bovine superheros ("The Swatter", "The Gristle Missle", "The Cowmeleon", and "Cold Cut", among others) complete with stretchy superpower-appropriate costumes.

In some of the other images, cows climb skyscrapers, get in car chases with meat trucks and play poker. In case you're like me and just can't get enough of bovine superheros, there's also a book available for purchase, which will certainly be a conversation starter at your next cocktail party.

The cows were originally conceived as part of an advertising campaign for a Southern fast food joint, but are enjoyable on their own as images - stripped of ad copy, it becomes all about the cow.

"The Secret Life of Cows" can be seen through August 4th at Track 16 Gallery, Bergamont Station, 2525 Michigan Ave. Building C1, in Santa Monica

Photo by Peggy Archer