The Blasters at the King King

The Blasters at the King King

Monday night, rumor had it there would be a top-secret Blasters reunion at the King King. They needed footage for something they are filming about drummer Bill Bateman. The Blasters fronted by Phil Alvin still play gigs, but this is the first time the original band has played together since I don't know when. I got there just in time to see them do Marie Marie and two other songs before the Alvins drifted off and everyone else prepared for a late-night jam session.

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The legendary Bill Bateman

Phil and Bill

The Blasters

Phil Alvin

When a light goes out in the dressing room at the King King, someone always has an eye on it

Bill Bateman and, umm, someone whose name I don't know

(Bonus pics)

Then I had to dash over to Tiny's for the Bad Manners aftershow party. I wish I could have seen Bad Manners play at Safari Sam's too, but four events in one night is still pretty impressive.

Tiny's has a great art collection

Tequila Mockingbird and Buster Bloodvessel

(All photos by Elise Thompson)