Fun on the Red Carpet at LAFF

This thing is named Kabluey. This costume is impossible to see out of, which made things kind of interesting.


(More Pics after the Jump)

I don't know who this is, but check out those cheekbones!

Red Carpet Starlet

The Ubiquitous Shane West

I am wise to you, Missy

I don't know who this is either, but the other photographers got really excited about her and started demanding specific facial expressions, talking to her a really creepy, avuncular way

Red Carpet Mystery

The director of What We do is Secret, endearingly allowing his wife to lovingly fuss over him.

Let me just fix your glasses

Bijou Phillips, and Lorna Doom, the person she played in What We do is Secret

Bijou and Lorna

Don Bolles anti-pose

Red Carpet anti-pose

(Photos by Elise Thompson)