Dear LAist, Is That You in TIME?

page 21 in Time, bitches

Some people say that blogging on Sundays is worthless. Most of our favorite Gawker sites take the weekends off, for example, as do many of our favorite gossip blogs, as did the Lord.

And even fewer people have any love for the old fashioned liveblogging, in all its nerdy glory.

Two Sundays ago we were invited to liveblog the MTV Movie Awards. LAist Movie Editor Elina Shatkin did the majority of the liveblogging, and Joey Maloney took pictures from the red carpet. I sat back at homebase taking pictures of my tv and merging them with Elina's posts. It was three hours of frenzied teamwork producing 10 posts while everyone else were packing their bongs in preparation of the second-to-last Sopranos.

Today we found out that Time magazine mentioned us. We have no idea what they're talking about in regards to the score, but we'll take it. Hi mom!