Dyke March LA 2007

I know it may come as a shocking revelation to some of you who know me, but yes, last night I actually put on comfortable shoes and - exercised. OK, I still wore my mules. I always wear my mules.

But I walked.

Really fast too - it is impossible to keep up with those dang bikes!

motorcycle contingent led by Vivian Escalante, the President and Coordinator of the DYKE March-Los Angeles

(Photo essay of the DYKE March down Sunset blvd. during Pride Week after the jump. A few pics may be PG-13)

More Bikes at the DYKE march

Silver Foxes at the los angeles DYKE march in silverlake

Some of the bicycle riders were fresh off of the AIDS ride. Xochitl Brown gets the crowd excited - oh, and she also gives us a pep talk!


Xochitl, Vivian, and other volunteers

And off we go!

Yes, more bike pics. I have a thing for bikes


Peter Pan, from Babeland

Girl crush!

Off Ramp are not only parade queens, burlesque performers, and float designers, they also design their own line of clothing!

Off Ramp Poses at will


cigarette girls

Cristin: float cyclist and constructor/deconstructor extraordinaire

Is it ironic that I didn't get a picture of the lesbian visibility sign until it was almost too dark to see it?