Dane Jokes, No One Laughs; Dirty Mouths Everywhere

dirty mouth girl

6:00 - The FIB-u-less Orbit gum lady (What kind of accent is that? Is she South African? British by way of Argentina?) gives the Dirtiest Mouth award to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Their acceptance speech, which is delivered by not-so-silent Bob, is only one sentence long but somehow manages to get 70% bleeped out. The Orbit gum lady vows never to date either of them.

5:58 - Dane Cook jokes, "This just in, apparently Paris Hilton was so offended by Sarah's joke, she checked herself into jail early." NO ONE LAUGHS. Oh Dane... it's awesome being you.

5:57 - Jaden Pinkett-Smith, I think that's his name but regardless he's the child of Will & Jada, gives his dad's video acceptance speech for... wait, I forgot the award. Doh! That kid is ridiculously cute.

5:50 - Sarah Silverman is inserted via the magic of VFX into a bunch of recent movies and (of course) Transformers. It's better than the old Billy Crystal montages at the Oscars.