Riding the Getty Tram with Exene

This video was recorded after the Knitters' "Friday Nights at the Getty" performance last night.

Although I got permission from everyone to post this, I forgot to ask for the Knitter's fan/mystery interviewer's name. If you're out there, let me know who you are so I can give you credit.

Unfortunately, the tram makes some of the audio difficult to hear. At first, everyone is talking about Exene's aprons, which are the trademark of her Knitters persona. She started buying them at auctions, and she proceeds to describe what the auctions are like, imitating the auctioneer, I have transcribed the "interview" section, and it follows the video after the jump.

Exene: They have auctions, and they have flea markets.

Friend: Yeah, the auctions are pretty much it.

Fan...Yeah, I have a question for you. What I've always wanted to know, is, like, ok, like, what caused you, or how did you know, you were called by name? I can't think of it, I mean, like, what inspired you? I know, I'm interviewing you right now, right?

Exene: Oh, no, no, well...

Fan: But I mean, I've always wanted to meet you, like since I was 14 and I'm 35 now.

Exene: No, when you're that age, like, 14, 15, you know, and you start drawing, and you start to figure out what it is that you like, and the people that you know...(unintelligible) ...but, I was writing and drawing with my boyfriend John, and John had already made up his mind he wanted to grow up to be a poet and he had already met Billy and they had already started playing together and I had wrote some songs and John wanted to use my songs. He wanted to put my writing into music, of course and he was with Billy and I didn't want to let my stuff go because I didn't know him that well so I said no, I'll just go with you. I'll keep my songs. I'll take my songs, and then umm, you know...

Fan: You guys play really well together too.

Exene: ...that of course, was my first band, X.

Fan: Yeah, I like your voice. You have a very unique voice. That's why I was attracted to you guys. That one song? I'm desperate, or we're desperate, get used to it? Remember that?

Exene: Remember it?

Fan: We're desperate, get used to it...do you remember that?

Exene: Remember it? I have to sing it every night.