A Question to our Readers - Should LAist Cover XXX?

Good is a pretty new, very beautiful, quite interesting magazine.

The video above has some very informative facts about the Internet, sex, and how people usually view porn.

LAist finds itself in an odd position of finding itself unsure about how long we could (or should) ignore the fact that one of the largest industries in this town basically gets ignored in the local papers, on local tv, and in the blogs that pride themselves on being hyperlocal.

We assume that the majority of our readers check in with us during work hours while at work, but then we see this video that says that most people look at porn during that time too. So are we self-censoring ourselves for no good reason?

Obviously we have no plans on showing porno clips on LAist, but we are interesting in writing about the industry as a whole. Which, yes, would include the actors and actresses that work in the business.

So we ask you, our readers, would you like to see us cover the adult film industry the same way we cover all the other aspects of LA?