The USC Fountain "Run" - "Fight On"

USC Fountain Run

So, last night was USC's Fountain "Run", the ancient ritual signifying that finals are over and that seniors are officially done with school.

I went into it thinking it'd be like UCLA's Undie Run, which from the looks of LAist's crack coverage several weeks ago, ranks up there on the debauch-o-meter with a transatlantic flight on Joe Francis' private jet.

But this is USC.

Things here are a bit tamer, right?


Despite the apparent misnomer, near as I could tell this event consisted mostly of students wandering around campus, leisurely sloshing through assorted pools, fountains and even sprinklers, before finally getting too cold to push on.

In an orgiastic display, these newly liberated coeds — and eds — conquered the hapless fountains as if possessed.

The kids hopped from one to the next, screaming from each zenith, "USC!" or "We are TROJANS!" or something.

A real testament to the school's teambuilding department.

Seriously though, I had no idea this place had so many fountains.

Maybe it's a Freudian thing.

Waaaaay more pictures by S Monkey on the flip side...




Now for the three things most commonly overheard at the USC Fountain "Run":

1. Do not get into the pool. There is broken glass on the floor... I'm just kidding.

USC Fountain Run

2. Where's my damn whistle?


and finally

3. Owww, I've got so much booze in my belly.


USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run

USC Fountain Run