NoHo's Crosswalk Experiment. Do You Like It?


In the NoHo Arts District last week, the city started putting in these colored splats in lieu of the traditional crosswalk. We did some field research and went to 7-11 and asked the manager how in the hell did we miss these or were they just put in yesterday?

"They put them in last week to try them out. Do you like it?" he asked. We said yes and he responded, "Five dollars please." We walked out.

NoHo has a lot of development going on and still has a long way to go, but it will get there. We believe it will be one of those superior Los Angeles neighborhoods. It already has 6 art galleries and over 20 theatres, it is a major transit hub (future plans tell of the Red Line extending to Burbank airport) and tons of new housing. We worry, though; will all the excitement raise the rent and boot all that NoHo is out? We hope not.

Walking around NoHo, you will notice that the traffic poles are painted with a glossy turquoise — another sign of community character. Now they are experimenting with these crosswalks. Do you like them? Should they continue?