LAist Interviews Ev Williams of Obvious

Although it feels like it's been around forever, blogging is so new that even its Godfather is young. Ev Williams was the co-founder of Pyra Labs, which created in 1999, which he sold to Google four years later. After working for The Man for a year, Ev quit Google and formed Odeo, a podcast service.

Like most promising start-ups helmed by successful entrepreneurs, Odeo attracted some investement money and formed a Board of Directors. This year Ev did something unusual when he gave back the money to the investors and dismantled the board, forming a new company, Obvious, of which Odeo is now just one of the new company's products.

The latest product is Twitter, which is a way for people to send mass-text messages and/or emails to their friends to let them know where they are or what they're doing. For example, let's say you're standing in line for free tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and you see that the line is pretty short and they're poised to start giving away tickets in 20 minutes — if you were using Twitter you could send out a quick blast to all your pals in minutes, and thus be loved for ever.

You can also leave a trail of your blasts on your Twitter blog.

Yesterday LAist spoke to Evan at the Obvious headquarters in San Francisco, where he gave us lollipops.