Short Film Fest at the Arclight


Do you love short films? Or, do you have a short attention span that prevents you from attending films of more traditional length? Are you the kind of person that likes their entertainment in short, managible bits no matter what the form? Whatever your reasons or tastes, you can certaily fullfil your short film quota starting tonight at the Arclight as the 10th Annual Los Angeles Short Film Festival kicks off.

According to Festival reps: "In past years, 23 participants (in the Festival) have earned Academy Award nominations, with 7 filmmakers actually taking home the Oscar. The Festival annually attracts more than 20,000 moviegoers, filmmakers and entertainment executives looking for the hottest new talent. This year the Festival celebrates the short film with over 600 films in nearly 100 themed programs."

So go, check it out. You never know what future Oscar winner you might be sitting next to in the theater. The sooner you make friends with them the sooner they can not take your calls when they win the "big one."