RIP Hollywood


Over at BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow showcases some really sharp reasons why Hollywood is dying. The most important part of all this is that piracy of movies isn't mentioned at all. Although, the MPAA would have us believe that piracy is the holy grail of a slumping box office.

We hear this kind of thing all the time and people always have one opinion or another. Some of them are informed and insightful. Others, less so. We have our own thoughts on the subject, of course. Always will. But these are very good and to the point.

Is the movie business really dying? Possibly. Will it need to take a hard look at its business model and make some possibly difficult and costly changes in order to remain viable and profitable? Yes. Are the "glory days" of blockbuster opening weekends and lines around the block gone? We hope not but it might just be inevitable.